12 signs you need to detox

1) Unrelenting fatigue.

2) Increased belly or visceral fat.

3) Autoimmunity.

4) Sinus congestion.

5) Moodiness.

6) Insomnia especially waking in the hours of 1-3:30 am.

7) Weight loss resistance.

8) Gallbladder issues or it you've had it removed.

9) Craving and or blood sugar instability.

10) Acne, rosacea or itchy skin.

11) Chemical sensitivity - getting light headed when you drink alcohol or overwhelmed by fragrances.

12) Hair loss.


Welcome to Keto Detox Tea!

Congratulations on healing your body through the Keto way of eating. The Keto-low carb way of eating does so much to heal your body. That’s why we have developed Keto Detox Tea to help you on your way. This is not a “Diet tea” Keto Detox Tea was developed by Luma Tea, a company that has been making herbal teas for over 15 years. We have experienced herbologist that through there decades of experience have listened to people just like you to make them an herbal tea that complements their new way of eating and covers such things as:

Keto flu



Cognitive function

Low energy

Muscle and joint pain

Slow weight loss