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    We have listened to people just like you who have explained the issues that goes along with a low carb way of eating and we are here to help.

                Please take a moment to check out our ingredient page and read about this amazing herbal tea to get your health back.

    • Patty B.

      Love this tea. After 2 weeks on low carb and this tea I have lost 12 pounds but not just the weight loss I feel better, look better and my depression is gone.

      Patty B.
    • Jay J.
      I drink this tea all day long, it keeps me from cheating and I don't crave carbs or sugar. Thanks for a great product and fantastic customer service !!
      Jay J.
    • Maranda D.
      Thank you for making such a wonderful product, I don't think I could of made it on my weight loss journey if it wasn't for your tea. Never have I felt better and I'm down 27 pounds.
      Maranda D.
    • Debbie B.
      Taste great, really helps me control my cravings, so glad I found this tea!
      Debbie B.
    • Gale
      I highly recommend this tea. I have lost 18 pounds in the last 2 months and I feel fantastic .
    • Tonya W.
      After having my baby over a year ago and trying everything I decided to give Keto Detox Tea a try so glad I did, I don't have any sugar cravings and I'm down 14 pds in just under a month.
      Tonya W.
    • Kari T.
      I have purchased Keto Detox Tea 6 times and will not be without it. It works and I love the taste!
      Kari T.
    • Damon S.
      I have been using Keto Detox Tea for over 3 months and low carb eating I have lost 37 pounds, this tea keeps me on tract.
      Damon S.

    You see there are a lot of " Diet tea" out there and most of them make you just have excessive bowel movements with cramping and make you feel awful... not KETO DETOX TEA!

    Check our products and see what fits to your needs!